IFS Green Budget 2016 – in association with the ICAEW

This year’s Institute for Fiscal Studies pre-Budget report for 2016, the ‘Green Budget’, will be launched on Monday 8 February.

In association with ICAEW and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, it will analyse the issues and challenges facing Chancellor George Osborne as he prepares for the UK government’s Budget in March.

The areas covered by IFS researchers will include:
– the government’s framework of fiscal rules
– risks to the public finances
– issues coming up for corporate tax policy
– the design of ‘sin taxes’
– the (changing) effects of Universal Credit

Oxford Economics will be giving their view on the prospects for the economy, while I have been working with the ICAEW on their contribution to this year’s report.

For more information go to http://www.ifs.org.uk/publications/8129.

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