ICAEW chart of the week: Santa’s UK P&L

Our final #ICAEW #chartoftheweek for 2018 is on the subject of Santa plc, the UK subsidiary of Santa Claus, Inc (“Santa”).

As many of you will know, Santa is one of the world’s largest gift delivery firms with a rather magical business model. After several hundred years of never recording a loss (admittedly never a profit either), Santa has built up one of the highest levels of goodwill that we are aware of, with a consistent track record of growing revenues.

A shining star of the elf-sector of the economy.

As our chart illustrates, Santa is expected to deliver presents worth £13.2bn in 2018, with an average value of around £475 dropped down each chimney. Around 20% of these will have been purchased online, up from around 6% a decade ago as Santa’s cloud-based modernisation programme continues to drive market dynamics.

However, markets and high street stores continue to be the main acquisition pipeline for inventories in the lead up to Christmas, with narrow delivery timescales continuing to be a major operational challenge for Rudolph and the rest of the logistics team.

I do hope that you will have a wonderful break and a prosperous 2019. 

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